Big Breakfast Plus: October Stats

by | Nov 23, 2018 | General News, Homelessness

October stats are now in:

October was a busy month for Big Breakfast Plus with 958 breakfast served, that’s an average of 30 breakfasts a day and a 15% increase on meals served in September. We served 138 individuals including 25 new guests who were first time visitors to Big Breakfast Plus.

With the weather getting ever colder, demand for our service has increased. Thankfully we are supported by a fantastic team of staff and volunteers (including guests) who put on an apron and rolled up their sleeves to give an amazing 142 hours of their time in October. This includes 114 volunteer hours and 28 guest volunteering hours.

Well done to our amazing team of staff, volunteers, guests and trustees who work hard to ensure Big Breakfast Plus is there to support anyone who is homeless in Swindon.

Did you know we need to raise £500 a week to fund our service?

Big Breakfast Plus receives no statutory of local authority funding and we are dependent on fundraising to support our service costs. Could you support our work by sponsoring a breakfast? For just £5 you can make sure a homeless person has a hot, freshly cooked meal with cereal, toast and unlimited refills of hot drinks.

Any donation (big or small) makes a huge difference and helps to make sure we can keep the lights on, the fridge stocked and the toast buttered!

Thank You.